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Neocell Ceramides Skin Hydrator (Review/Giveaway)

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I'm at it again, partnering with Neocell to try out a new product, and give my candid opinion of the results, and my experience with said new product. And, once again, Neocell did not disappoint!

I received a bottle of Ceramides Skin Hydrator, with a picture of a beautiful woman submerged in water - she definitely looks hydrated! So, lets see how this works…

The bottle contains 60 capsules, a 30 day supply. Instructions are to take 2 capsules per day. There is not a specific time of day that is better, so they can be taken at any time.

I do suggest making a routine, however. I was not consistent at first with the time of day that I took Ceramides Skin Hydrator, so I missed a few days.

I thought that might effect my results, however it did not - in spite of my own inconsistency, the results were noticeable, as I'll show you shortly.

When looking up some of the impressive stats about Ceramides Skin Hydrator, I noticed 85% of subjects noticed a reduction in scales (rough skin), 80% of subjects felt less pulling sensations, and 80% of subjects felt an improved skin appearance.

I definitely noticed a reduction in scales (apparently I was slowly turning into a dragon!) and much improved skin appearance.

I am really bad about moisturizing regularly - I usually slather lotion on when I notice I am already too dry. You know - reactive vs. proactive! I moisturize my face consistently, but not my hands and body. Oops.

Lately I have noticed that I am more dry than usual. Not only has it been getting hotter and dryer as we move deep into summer, but I have been working out pretty intensively 4 to 6 times a week, getting ready for a fitness competition later this year.

I noticed dry irritated skin all over, including the  palms of my hands, super peely and rough. I just figured that was a part of heavy lifting. Turns out, that is not the case.

If anything, I have been doing more lifting while using Ceramides Skin Hydrator, so I should have what my friends joke about: "man hands." There is a group of 5 of us, and we workout together.  We talk about all sorts of silly things, one of which is the effect of all the hard work we put in: from diet changes, smaller waistlines, defined muscles, looser skin, and dryer skin.

And yet, my hands are far from manly now! Ceramides Skin Hydrator is keeping them soft and supple! For the looser skin, I am going back to Neocell Collagen bursts and my all time favorite, Neocell Collagen protein! They are great for skin elasticity, and they taste great!

So, what are ceramides, and what do they do? 
I believe it is time again, for another lesson at the SCHOOL OF JEN.

Ceramides are lipids naturally found in the skin's outer later that retain moisture, and assist in cell regeneration. When ceramide levels are low, our skin has a hard time retaining moisture - it works as a protective layer to retain moisture. Ceramides are part of the glue that holds the surface of skin cells together.

Dry, irritated, and sensitive skin often lack ceramides - leaving skin more susceptible to environmental factors, just like I had been experiencing with the season changing, which is usually not an issue for me.  Maybe I'm getting old!

I did notice, a few weeks into taking Ceramides Skin Hydrator that I was looking less scaly on my palms and shins.

Does scaly shins sound weird? I notice that after shaving my legs, my shins looked dry and flaky - but the scales lessened as I continued taking Ceramides Skin Hydrator. Also weird, I check out my palms all the time now, and they're baby smooth!

As usual, with everything that I have tried with Neocell, I am impressed. I really did think that "man hands" was an inescapable part of working out hard. Doing the amount of back squats, pull ups, chin ups, t-bar rows, the list goes on, my hands were definitely starting to look rough.

Seriously, they're like butter now!

My husband was absent-mindedly petting my foot the other day, as we watched TV. I looked over at him, and he quietly said "What!? I can't help it, your skin is so soft, like everywhere!"

Now that is what I'm talking about!

If you wish to purchase Neocell Ceramides Skin Hydrator, you can do so at Walgreens, CVS, and Sam's Club to name a few for only $17.99.

Oh, I forgot to mention! Coming soon, to a tummy near you: Neocell Collagen Cookie Bars. They are due out soon, and scrumptious.

I was able to try both flavors, coconut chocolate crunch, and Peanut Butter crunch. I was surprised to find I like the coconut more. I'm not usually a coconut fan, and it has a definite coconut flavor, but the chocolate had me going in for bite after bite!

The peanut butter crunch is also good, my husband finished that one for me. Sharing is caring!

Boasting 13g of protein, only 2g sugar, and collagen infused - how do you go wrong with a chocolate bar that is a true snack and makes your hair, skin, and nails better! Too good.

If you've read my past reviews, you know Neocell always takes care of our readers with a great giveaway, and this time is no exception! THREE of our readers in the US will each win a 30 day supply of Neocell Ceramides Skin Hydrator to try out for themselves.  Read on to see how one of them can be you!

One winner in the US will receive a one month supply of Neocell Ceramides Skin Hydrator at the end of the giveaway.

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Good luck!

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Awesome Life Friday #121

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Fairy Garden Cloche Decor // Live Craft Love
"I came up with this fairy garden cloche DIY project as a new spin on the classic fairy garden.  It is a quick and easy project and I even added a solar light."

Easy Tricolour Pendant with Nail Polish // White House Crafts
"I had no idea what to expect or what the turn out would be.  But I had a leftover pendant from a previous necklace project, and nail polishes that I didn't wear all that much, so I decided to put the two together and see what would happen."

DIY Jewelry Storage Box // Creative Kadija
"This teeny tiny box decoupaged with a scrapbook paper sheet & a piece of paper doily. Half pearl bead is just a cherry on top of the cake. Right?"

Pucker Up: Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Parfaits // Live Love Texas
"With July being National Ice Cream Month, it only made sense to make an already amazing key lime pie taste even better on oppressively hot days by adding a little ice cream to the mix."

Zesty Fiesta Ranch Dip // I Thee Cook
"I may have a sight ranch infatuation. Ever since I was young. It may also have spilled over to my kids.  If you are looking for a quick and easy dip recipe this ones for you. It's creamy and cool with a little kick from the heat of the jalapeno."

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Lucky Tackle Box XL Bass (Review/Giveaway)


What comes to mind when you hear Summer? For some it is the beach.. the lake.. BBQs.. Well, in our family, it is camping and fishing!

We love to head to the lake for the weekend and camp out. My husband will wake up at a god awful early time and head to the shore to get his poles in the water! He can sit there for hours on end, casting and recasting until he snags that perfect fish. Most of the time with great success!

So I was really happy when I was given the chance to review the #1 subscription box for folks who fish - Lucky Tackle Box!

This is a monthly box you can receive that is jam packed with fishing goodies like Lures, Jigs, Bait, etc.

You get to choose between several different types of fish that you were shooting for on your fishing trip.

Each type of box is designed with the tackle that is best for that specific fish type. You can choose from: Bass, Bass XL, Catfish, In-Shore Saltwalter, Multi-Species, Panfish, Walleye, Trout and Fly Fishing!

Each box comes with around $50 in merchandise  to use. I'm not sure if each box or month comes with different values. as I could not find that on the site but my particular box, when priced out by item, was worth $50!

The cost of the subscriptions are as follows: 1 month is $14.99 or $24.99 for the XL boxes, 3 months is $14.39 or $23.99, 6 months is $14.24 or $23.79 and 12 months is $13.75 or $22.92 per box.

Not a bad deal for new tackle each month!

I was given a few things in my box to add to my husband's tackle box. The card that comes with the box lists each brand included, along with their website addresses so that he can purchase more of the ones he likes best.

Among the items in the box I received are a package of Hammerhead Crank Bait, Assorted Crank bait, Flat Wild 4", Fat gap flat nickel hooks, Link top-water bait, and Chatterfrog.

Now to someone who doesn't fish, this is all a bunch of gibberish and possibly made up words, but for someone who fishes, this is some pretty top quality stuff!

The cool thing about this box is that once you receive it (shipped every 10th of the month), you can go onto their website and watch a video on how to use everything that you received in your box! How cool is that?

Also included in the box is The Biggest Little Book on fishing, a small guide to the items that are included in your box as well as some little tidbits that are fun to read.

So we live in Sunny Southern California where as of late our lakes and rivers have become more abundant. We are finally starting to get through the dreaded drought and our lakes are flourishing.

We took our Lucky Tackle Boxes on two separate trips to the lake.

Our first trip was to Lake Dixon in Escondido, CA. This lake is known for their Bass and Catfish.

We had two days of fishing and were in a pretty secluded spot in the shade where normally the fish would migrate to.

Day 1, we had no luck, nothing even bit. It was a really hot day so I'm assuming that the fish were all in the deeper water.

The second day we were able to catch a nice sized Catfish (with the bass tackle, using the worms).

I will not blame the product whatsoever for the lack of catching fish because we even switched out to our typical lures and bait and still were unsuccessful.  Just a bad trip apparently.

Even a bad day fishing has its consolations.
Our second trip was to Lake Hemet in Mountain Center, CA. They are known for their Bass, Blue Gill and Catfish. I knew I should have gotten the Catfish box too!

This trip we were also unsuccessful on catching anything worth noting. I look forward to trying this gear out again on our next trip to the lake.

Would I recommend this box to my fishing buddies? Of course! Who wouldn't love to get new fishing gear each month to try and up their fishing game?

Now would I recommend this subscription box to my stubborn grandfather? Probably not! We all know that the old timer fishermen have their ways of doing it and have learned their ways over the years of fishing.

I feel like he would look at some of the stuff and think 'what is wrong with my old lure?"

But for the fisher looking to get to know some of the products out there, I think this would make a great gift for the fathers and brothers in your lives - as well as the mothers and sisters who fish! I wish that I had had my hands on this box in time for Fathers Day - this would have made a stellar gift for my husband.

Give them a look at their social media pages and see what they are all about. I think you will be thoroughly pleased by their products. I know that we were.  And then read on to see how you can enter to win an XL Bass Box from Lucky Tackle Box!

One winner in the US or Canada will receive a one month subscription to Lucky Tackle Box XL Bass version at the end of the giveaway.

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Party in Your PJs #166

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Blind Date with a Book: Review/Giveaway


It has been many decades since I last went on a blind date - remember those?  A friend decides to set you up with someone they know, and sells you on the whole idea by listing a few qualities they hope might appeal to you.

"He's tall." "He is a great conversationalist."  "He comes from a big family and loves to cook!"

Sometimes the description gives you a reasonable idea of how you'll like him - often it leaves out a few key qualities ("He picks his nose and wipes it off on his shirt!"), and of course in the end there is no way to ensure that elusive quality of chemistry between the two of you.

If you didn't pour a whole lot of expectation into the experience, and planned a reasonable escape if need be, it could be fun.  Even if nothing came of it, you likely at least wound up with a good story to tell.

I pretty much only ever came away with good stories with an odd blend of slapstick humor and horror so I was quite happy to leave that whole game behind me - but now I've found a much better way to guarantee a good story through a blind date, and no possibility of having to say an awkward goodbye if things go awry!

Blind Date with a Book is a brilliant idea from Elizabeth's Bookstore in Australia that has spread to Waitrose stores in England, and around the world online via

The details are as simple as they are brilliant - playing the part of that old good friend, Blind Date with a Book curates a few titles in various genres, describes them with a few key descriptions and wraps them up neatly in a plain brown wrapper, for the customer to purchase without knowing exactly what the book is.

On the website, there are always at least a dozen or so blind dates to choose from, divided between New & Quite New.  It took a little while for my American brain to sort out  that "Quite New" is older than "New" - sort of like we'd say "Pretty  New".

I'm glad the selection wasn't much larger because I had a very hard time choosing between things that sounded a little familiar and comfortable and things totally outside my normal wheelhouse, because why not live a little?!

Ultimately I chose one in a genre I enjoy that I could think of a few titles it might be.  I figured, if it's one I've read, I'd be happy to read any of these again - and if it was a new one in my old favorite genre, then jackpot!

The checkout process was simple - you just select the book or books you'd like, along with your payment method (Paypal is one option). Each book is listed at £7.99 but they are available for purchase worldwide. Then select your shipping method, and check out.  To where I live in the DC region, the estimated shipping time was 8 days, and that was accurate to what happened.

As soon as you've checked out, you'll get an email confirmation number and I found the staff to be very responsive as needed.

With just a bit over a week to anticipate I was very excited the day my package arrived!

I loved the packaging - and that tag makes for a great bookmark, too!  I slowly started to open it and just before I got it opened my husband triumphantly declared,

"I think I know what it is!!"  And then he guessed RIGHT!

Yes, I've read it - except not, because this was a newer edition than the one I've read and includes a rather extensive additional forward.

Mystery Date!
No, I don't own it.

Yes, I'm thrilled to read it again - and it was pretty coincidental because I just recently rewatched the movie based on it.

Yes - happy blind date!  And yes, I will be happy to send for another at some point, because the entire process was great fun.

So.... do you know what it is?  Because I'm not going to tell you, at least not today!  This selection is still available on Blind Date with a Book, and I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise.

Instead - how about a Giveaway??  Blind Date with a Book will send a Blind Date selection of the winners' choice to TWO of our readers worldwide!

Let me know in comments what book you think this is - and check out their website and tell us which book you'd be willing to give a spin?  Alternatively - how would you describe your favorite book if you were trying to set up your best friend with it?

Read on for further details on how to enter - and I'll post a review (and reveal!) of my Blind Date when the Giveaway is over.

Two winner will each receive a Blind Date book of their choice from among those available online at the end of the giveaway.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Giveaway Tools Entry Form below. This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning. (If you don't leave a comment, any additional entries will be void.)

This giveaway is open WORLD-WIDE and will end just before midnight ET on 8/2. 

The winner will be notified by email 24 to 48 hours after the end of the giveaway by email. In order to claim the giveaway prize, the winner will need to respond within 24 hours of notification, or an alternate winner will be selected.

Good luck!